Account Executive, Season Sales

Sharks Sports and Entertainment

Full Time
Sharks Sports and Entertainment
San Jose, CA

Job Details


The Account Executive, Season Sales functions as a part of the ticket sales team within the Ticket Sales Department. The key responsibility of the Season Tickets position is to generate revenue through aggressive season ticket sales efforts for the San Jose Sharks and Barracuda.

Major Areas & Representative Duties

•Proactively and aggressively solicit and generate new business to maximize season/group ticket sales revenue for the Sharks and Barracuda.
•Develop and maintain a thorough awareness of ticket packages.
•Establish and maintain business relationships by focusing on the needs of our existing client base and prospects.
•Make a required minimum of 75 outbound sales calls each day with the goal of maximizing all ticket sales revenue.
•Monitor and negotiate ticket sales process for ticket events in line with sales objectives.
•Coordinate ticket sales activities and meet with all clients to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
•Work game nights and community events for purpose of maximizing sales opportunities. (ie. Tabling and attending networking events)
•Build and maintain our customer database and actively track touchpoints.
•Make use of database, referrals, and other sources to conduct aggressive outreach and increase ticket sales and prospects database.
•Actively participate in department activities and meetings working selflessly towards achieving common goals.
•Interact with other Sharks/SAP Center departments to provide a cooperative, customer-oriented focus for all operations.
•Provide creative input and assertive follow-through to efforts that enhance customer satisfaction.
•Work closely with other Sales groups, Corporate Partnership, Marketing and Communications.
•Develop prospects by calling on self-generated leads and provided lists.
•Handle in-bound sales calls from prospective customers.
•Support all organization sales teams in their efforts to sell inventory through sales calls and involvement in negotiations, when appropriate.
• Anticipate the needs of key clients and provide service opportunities to secure partnerships with the
San Jose Sharks for years to come.
•Perform other tasks and projects as requested


•A minimum of one year of sales experience.
•Proven track record of sales excellence in professional sports or other high-touch, high-contact sales environment.
•Excellent communication skills both written and verbal, detail oriented, strong problem solving and decision making abilities.
•Positive, aggressive, and enthusiastic approach to customers and contacts so as to convey a positive image.
•Proficient in Outlook, Word and Excel. Experience with Archtics ticketing system a plus.
•Experience with CRM software a plus.
•Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to maintain smooth working relationships.
•Proven track record of developing long-standing client relationships.
•Motivated, dynamic, hard-working, and confident.
•Will accept long and unpredictable hours. Working evenings, weekends and holidays will be required.

Experience / Education:
•Bachelor’s degree in sports management, business, marketing or related field preferred.
•Advanced degree is a plus.


Corporate Values:


All Employees


We focus on the needs of customers, co-workers and community

·         We contribute to the well-being of the greater community through involvement

·         We look for opportunities to deliver Plus One service contribute to the well-being of greater community

·         We exhibit humility and compassion for the needs, interests and thoughts of others.

·         We deliver a wide range of events that appeal to our community in a safe and friendly environment.

·         We consistently deliver experiences and solutions that exceed expectations.


We have a strong sense of passion for what we do, our workplace and our brand.

·         We know our business

·         We are great at what we do

·         We wear, display and respect the logo

·         We overcome challenges and are resilient

·         We continuously improve and maintain our facilities and services

·         We create positive experiences for others

·         We enjoy what we do


We consistently hold ourselves to a high standard through trust, honesty and loyalty, always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

·         We are always direct, open and honest

·         We are transparent and effective in our communications

·         We are accountable for our actions and decisions

·         We earn the trust of each other

·         We do what we say and say what we mean

·         We give credit where credit is due


We treat others the way that we want to be treated.

·         We recognize that all our roles are important to the success of the organization

·         We show up on time

·         We consider how our actions affect others

·         We honor work life balance

·         We  act through differences directly with people involved

·         We are humble in victory, gracious in defeat

·         We appreciate the diversity each person brings

I Am Dedicated

We are committed to making our organization the best in sports and entertainment

·         We do what it takes to get the job done

·         We go above and beyond our regular job duties

·         We maintain a positive attitude

·         We rise to the challenge

·         We strive to achieve and exceed our goals

·         We are fearless in the pursuit of excellence

·         We operate with a sense of urgency and accountability to deliver results

·         We are proactive and innovative


We are cooperative and selflessly work toward achieving common goals

·         We share tools, information, skills and ideas with others to create success

·         We actively listen

·         We motivate others through example, positive energy and positive reinforcement

·         We participate in activities that build camaraderie

·         We have each other’s back


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