Blues Street Team

St. Louis Blues

Part Time
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis, MO

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The Blues Street Team is a part-time staff position that will be responsible for executing street hockey clinics for the Street Blues initiative.  As a member of the Blues Street Team, you will be traveling throughout the greater St. Louis Area growing the sport of hockey by teaching children the fundamentals of the game at street hockey clinics in schools and youth centers.



· Set-up and execute Street Blues clinics based on provided curriculum within the greater St. Louis Area and surrounding communities. These clinics will be held at Schools, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, Summer Camps and other youth based facilities.  There will be a curriculum manual provided that includes drills and games for the Street Team members to teach the children.

· Create a positive and encouraging atmosphere while teaching children the game of hockey at an introductory level.

· Promote the St. Louis Blues in a professional and respectful manner while leading these clinics.

· Other Responsibilities as assigned.


· Qualified candidates must have knowledge of the game of hockey.

· Must be able to teach, encourage, and manage children ranging from elementary school to middle school.

· Candidates must be high-energy, positive, team players.

· Must pass a background check, pass a drug test, and have valid identification.

· All members of the Street Team are required to lift (25) pounds and perform some manual labor.

· Must have weekday, daytime availability.

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